Sunday, September 13, 2009

New ribbon rack

Look what I made tonight, it's a rack to hold my growing ribbon supply! I took 4 pieces of board and nailed them together, covered the back with two cardboard boxes that I unfolded, cut to fit and nailed in place. I drilled holes every 5" down the sides for dowels to slide into and covered the ends with little wooden spools that I wound thread around to make them match my room and look like miniature spools of thread, since this is also my sewing room! I spray painted the whole thing black and now I have room to buy more ribbon ... uh oh! Now I have to hang it in the only spot in the room it will fit and cut the dowel rods shorter and post a picture in with my scraproom photos.


Lil Sis said...

Looks fabulous Charlie - well done, Will look even more impresive when you fill it, now I wonder how long that will take!!!!!!!!!!! I know if it was me it would be a matter of weeks lol.

Take care
Beccy x

Anonymous said...

Wow, Char, you continue to amaze me . . . who would have thought of using cardboard from boxes for the back . . . brilliant idea . . .