Monday, August 31, 2009

Tulip Spray svg free download

Here is what I call a tulip spray ... this is one that I see using on a sympathy card for some reason ... oh well, hope you can find a good use for it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My altered boxes

I wanted to do something different, I have no idea what put this thought into my head but I wanted to cover some boxes with some of my designer paper ... I had some decoupage here for a long time and never used it ... I made a box for my little bottles of acrylic paint and used my cricut to cut out the letters and popped them up with pop dots ...
I had this paper, which I just loved and used it because my craft room was going to be green and purple ... oh how I wish I knew I'd change my mind because now the box doesn't match the room at all. I used sequined ribbon to cover where all the paper lines are and I just loved it when it was finished. I also made this box for my stencils ... it matched the room before I painted it pink ... now it doesn't match either ... go figure! Guess I'll have to break out the decoupage and do a pink box to match the room now that it's finished!

Maple leaf svg free download

Sorry guys but someone claimed they have a copyright on the maple leaf and the sharing site made me take it down ... I spent hours creating this svg and I can't make it available to you on that site because apparently you can copyright a common object! If you want it just email me and I'll send it to you!
Here is a maple leaf that I did, I changed it a little from the picture above so that it would all be one piece .. I cut some out and here is a picture ...
some are just the silhouette of the leaf and the one on top is the one with the veins ... you have to do the one with veins in a 2" or larger size because I tried it smaller, with a brand new blade, and it ripped ... unless you have better luck .. this would also be a good one to draw with your markers or gel pens and then cut out the blackout version of it ... then the veins will be drawn on the leaf for you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Fairy Godmother!

I know this isn't a card or scrapbook layout or any kinda paper craft but I just had to show my months work of work ... In real life you can see the gold thread and the beads really well in this piece that I did of this fairy ... I like to think of her as my fairy godmother ... she just has that look ... I bought this pattern like 15 years ago and I think it was like $12.00, which I thought was extremely high ... but I had never seen anything like it before, with the beads on it, and I just had to have it ... then it got put away in a box, I came across it once in awhile but I just never felt like taking the time I knew it would take to make her ... then I got into one of my x-stitch moods and I decided to tackle her, needless to say after a couple of months of it, I had to force myself to finish ... I saved the beads till last because that is the part I couldn't wait to do and I knew that would help me finish ... and it did ... I am very happy with how she turned out ... this is the first time I ever x-stitched on linen also ... in the past there was always a clear hole to put the needle into, counting threads was not so easy especially with my eyes getting bad with age, I had to break out some major magnifying glasses to see! Here is a closer picture so you can see the beads at her neck and swirled around the bottom of her. If you click on the pictures to open them up you can see much more detail.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Jack-O-Lantern svg file

Here is another Jack-O-Lantern file for you to download ... I split this one up into colors for you also ... Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink and Brown scrapbook layout

Here is a pink and brown two page layout I did with a white and a brown tear bear ... I sewed on all the photo mats, and stitched behind cutie with embroidery floss. I dry embossed above too cute for words, if you click on the picture below to enlarge it you can see the white raised embossing. It seemed like I was cutting out flowers forever on the cricut, changing cartridges for different flower shapes so that I could layer each one for some dimension. I just love pink and brown together!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern free svg download

Here is a Jack-O-Lantern I did ... I separated this one out into the three colors for you. I have another one I'll post in the next couple of days ... the black and white pictures can be printed off for your kids to color also!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More presents in the mail!

I'm soooo excited ... I just found out that I won the blog candy over at The Queen of Cups ... she had to end it early because she is having surgery on monday ... send her some well wishes ... Kylie was here when I was saying that I won the blog candy ... she went downstairs for a little bit and yelled up at me "guess what mom?" so I'm like "what Kylie?" and she says "I won some blog candy too, down here on dad's computer" so I tell her "congradulations" and she's all "thanks mom I'm so excited too I won just like you" ... oh the imagination of a little girl! Guess I have to share my candy with her!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plain 'ole pumpkin svg free download

Here is just a plain pumpkin svg, I didn't separate out the stem, you can just open it in inkscape and drag that over if you want to cut it out in a separate color and save it before opening it in scal ... if anyone wants me to do this for them just leave a comment and I'll do it for ya. ... the next ones are jack-o-lanterns .. check back in a few days if you want them! ... I colored this picture to add ...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beary Special

This is my entry for the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge #20 beary special ... You have to use a bear and any stamp ... I decided to use one of my tear bears that I made out of mulberry paper and cut the clothes on my cricut with SCAL. I didn't realize that the card called for more brown until after I glued down the white piece of paper, but a brown mat to tie in more of the brown from the ribbon would have been perfect! I stamped the background and the "thinking of you" as my stamp part, and inside says ... because you're beary special! ... When I was shading the bears pants Kylie (she just turned 5) asked if the bear peed her pants ha ha ha.

Green, Blue & Brown Scrapbook Pages

I did this scrapbook layout in what would typically be "boys" colors, but I found that if I use blue, that it makes Kylie's blue eyes "pop" more in the pictures. I just love brown with blue, green and pink too. I cut out the outfit for this bear with the disney happily ever after cartridge on my cricut and altered it a little. I ran the vellum through my printer to print the title and I used embroidery floss to make the x's across the pages. I sewed on all the photo mats with my machine and left one to be a pocket for the journaling tags.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Forever in love ... with shoes

They are having a red and/or pink with hearts challenge and this is my entry for it ... I just got this stamp in the mail last week from Susana's Custom Art & Card Design and I figured it was perfect for my first challenge ... I did a pretty plain card because of the silver on the designer paper and the pink bling brads that I didn't want to distract from the image with anything more. I used R22, R32, R29, RV17, RV02, V12, E04, E00, E33, E25, E37, Y11, Y21, YR24, B00 & C3 copic markers (I don't have too many red's or pink's) to color in the image that I stamped with angel pink memento ink ... then I went over parts with a black marker to outline everything but the girl. I cut the "princess" designer paper (I was saving for a scrapbook page for Kylie oh well) so that the "so girly" and "one of a kind" were the words showing below the image ... because shoes are a girl thing and I am shoe-nique.

Sorry about the flash glare but I was trying to get the silver (to match the outside of the card) embossed "with" to show up shiny ... I need a new camera! Here is the inside of the card ...

Spotted Flower .svg Free Download

This spotted flower is soooo cute I had to use it when I was decorating my slim jim cans ... I took a bunch of these cans and put different papers on them from my stash to match my craft room and put different embellishments on each one ... needless to say I have no desire to eat another slim jim anytime soon ... I put ribbon around the can and put the spotted flower on with a black brad ... here is a picture of the can with this flower on it ... hope you enjoy!

I started doing fall/halloween .svg's so check back if you're interested in those ... coming soon!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ladybugs Card

I made this card today, and my fingers are stained red from the ink, couldn't find the exact color red cardstock so I had to ink it. I have better cardstock ordered since this kind I have seems to bleed when I stamp with most inks. Fingers crossed that will stop that from happening. I used one of my new papertreyink stamp sets and the D'vine cuttlebug embossing folder for the red strips across the card. I had no idea it can take so long to make a card ... I didn't make this card big enough for the layout I chose ... I had to scrunch everything in but it still turned out cute ... you live you learn!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brown and Blue Card

I was actually creating something today ... don't ask what got into me! I stamped this image from a stampin up stamp I have ... don't ask what set, I have no idea ... I colored it with prismacolor pencils and smeared it with gamsol ... then I used stickles on the center and around the edges and since you couldn't see it too well in the picture of the card I am posting one of just the flower ... I punched a scallop circle out of textured brown cardstock and sanded the edges with a nail file and popped these up with pop dots ... I cut a strip of matching blue paper and punched both edges with a scallop border punch and put a piece of brown satin ribbon over it ... I made dash marks to match the papers with blue and white gel pens around the striped paper ... the outside of the card says ... girlfriends ... and on the inside I stamped ... a friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway!

Easter Layout

I wish I had taken a class in college on html instead of networking ... all this blog stuff would be so much easier to figure out if I had ... the easter bunny has his own egg mobile that opens and closes with an eyelet attaching the top of the egg, I layered it and popped it up with pop dots and filled it with tiny colored eggs ... I used all glittered paper for this layout and cardstock for the mats and the large egg workshop which opens showing a bunny coloring eggs, the journaling tags are also egg shaped ... I had just learned how to make tear bears and all of those animals with the mulberry paper and was putting them in any and everything I was making ... I'm kinda over them now ... but they are so cute I will continue to make them once in awhile ... especially since I spent so much money ordering the files for the clothes and all that ...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giraffe Shadow .svg Free Download

I'm going to try and share one of my .svg's with you ... it is an outline of a giraffe, here is the link to download the file ... Giraffe ... we'll see if I can figure out how to do this and actually have it work! ... wow look at me go! I just figured out how to create a link with a word! hee hee I'm so proud of me ha ha ha. Ok I'm going to try and upload one of these files a week but they aren't going to be available that long because the place I have them hosted doesn't give much space without charging so as soon as the folder fills up I'll have to start removing old ones ... leave me a comment and tell me what kind of .svg's you'd like to see and I'll see what I have or can create!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Girls Paper Toy

I made this little baby carriage for my daughter to play with ... I think I got the .svg file from svg cuts ... I had to buy it is all I can remember for sure .... old age ha!

Presents in the mail!

I got three new Hanna stamp sets in the mail today and an order from Susana's custom arts & card design ... not to mention I got my papertreyink order the other day and some stuff I got off ebay ... wow I really need to get busy making stuff so I don't feel bad buying stuff I want but don't need! Check back and see if I actually do anything with any of them this week hee hee!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Raggedy Ann & Andy tear bear 2 page layout

This is a two page layout I did with Cloud 9 Designs paper pack ... love the papers in this pack. I did 4 tear bears and did the two on top of the friends forever title in raggedy ann and andy, hand cut and drew their clothes myself and thought they turned out adorable.


This is from a stamp set from Hanna Stamps ... I colored her with prismacolor pencils and tried to make her look like me ... I stamped another stamp on her t-shirt ... I'll be me and you be you ... and on the inside I stamped ... because you're fabulous! ... and sent it to one of my best friends who is soooo fabulous ... wish I had a stamp that I could have made look like her for the inside too ... but I didn't. I should stop telling her things like that though or she's gonna get too big for her britches! ha!


This card turned out nothing like I had it planned out in my head but my girlfriend that I sent it to said it was the prettiest card she'd ever seen ... so that's ok with me ha. I used a stamp set that I sell from See D's called Sunflower and I colored them in with prismacolor pencils.


I just love this image from Inkadinkado, this set is like where's waldo with a bunch of different things hidden in the main image .. butterfly, ladybug, hummingbird, flower all just gorgeous and I thought a little more of an elegant card was in order for the stamp ... I heat embossed the background flower stamp and used two different ribbons ... the brads along the bottom were called for because that space looked empty ... hope you enjoy!

First two cards I made!

These are the first two cards I made ... I learned about using Prismacolor pencils and gamsol (odorless paint thinner) so I had to try it ... used my Cuttlebug to emboss the blue background cardstock and layered it with the white and green and the cutest little peacock ... stamped from a hero arts stamp ... thought they turned out cute.

Lazy Days 2 page layout

I did these pages when I first bought SCAL for my Cricut ... just cut from a true type font and made it fit the 12 x 12 page ... loved SCAL from the very first day and I highly recommend it! ... I did these pages so that the photo mats are sewn onto the ribbon and can be lifted up or taken off so you can see the full pictures of the background image that I cut out ... I had to get creative in order to not cover up the background ... thought it was clever!

Coupon Holder

I bought one of those cheap coupon holder with the intentions of recovering it and making it my own ... then I got the idea to send it to my very best cyber friend to surprise her with it ... here is the front ...
and the inside of the coupon holder ... I used one of my stampin' up stamp sets for this little cutie riding the scooter and colored her with colored pencils and I used a metallic colored pencil on the scooter although you probably can't tell in the picture ... of course with most things it looked better in person!


I saw a video on you tube and how to make this book mark and I just had to try it .. it just slides over the corner of a few pages and marks your page .. it is actually quite fun to make and I'm going to make one for all my friends who read! You can make 4 of these out of one 12 x 12 sheet of designer paper! I used my all time favorite paper pack and stamps from close to my heart!

First blog post EVER!

Ok, so recently I just discovered all these blogs out there pertaining to everything under the sun ... mostly I've been surfing the cardmaking/papercrafting ones and you tube ... wow so much information and helpful hints it is mind blogging (not a spelling error ha). I have been buying rubber stamps for years and I don't think I ever used them ... now I started making cards and I am buying more just for this purpose so I am creating a blog so that I can share them like the rest of you have ... Now if I can just figure out how to go from here, setting up the blog was easy but how to do all the rest will take some time ... I'm good with this stuff though ... plus it will give me something else to do with my time ... not that I don't have enough ... but it will fill in the boring, twiddling my thumbs time when I don't feel like crafting or creating svg's or spending money on ebay time ... you know when I'm bored kinda time ... we shall see where this all goes ... as they say time will tell ...