Friday, August 7, 2009

First blog post EVER!

Ok, so recently I just discovered all these blogs out there pertaining to everything under the sun ... mostly I've been surfing the cardmaking/papercrafting ones and you tube ... wow so much information and helpful hints it is mind blogging (not a spelling error ha). I have been buying rubber stamps for years and I don't think I ever used them ... now I started making cards and I am buying more just for this purpose so I am creating a blog so that I can share them like the rest of you have ... Now if I can just figure out how to go from here, setting up the blog was easy but how to do all the rest will take some time ... I'm good with this stuff though ... plus it will give me something else to do with my time ... not that I don't have enough ... but it will fill in the boring, twiddling my thumbs time when I don't feel like crafting or creating svg's or spending money on ebay time ... you know when I'm bored kinda time ... we shall see where this all goes ... as they say time will tell ...

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Sandi said...

Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent with us.

Sandi N.