Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giraffe Shadow .svg Free Download

I'm going to try and share one of my .svg's with you ... it is an outline of a giraffe, here is the link to download the file ... Giraffe ... we'll see if I can figure out how to do this and actually have it work! ... wow look at me go! I just figured out how to create a link with a word! hee hee I'm so proud of me ha ha ha. Ok I'm going to try and upload one of these files a week but they aren't going to be available that long because the place I have them hosted doesn't give much space without charging so as soon as the folder fills up I'll have to start removing old ones ... leave me a comment and tell me what kind of .svg's you'd like to see and I'll see what I have or can create!


Sandi said...

Thanks for the download. My daughter will just love this.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)